What to Expect:

Dr. Rad focuses on understanding the entire clinical picture to find ways to work together with her patients to reach goals, achieve wellness and help patients live the life they desire. Her treatments will vary from person to person but may include a combo of the services described below based on the individual needs.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • arthritis
  • sport & work injuries
  • motor vehicle accidents / whiplash
  • back / neck pain
  • concussions
  • headaches, dizziness & vertigo
  • repetitive strain: tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis & others
  • shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee & ankle pain
  • pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
  • post-stroke and other neurological rehab



Services Explained


Joint Manipulation and Mobilization

1. Spinal - neck, mid back, low back

2. Extremity - arms, hands, pelvis, hips and feet

3. Temporomandibular - jaw

Joint manipulation is a technique used to improve or restore healthy joint function and motion, while also reducing pain and stiffness. Manipulation refers to the high velocity, low amplitude thrust that is used by trained professionals. It is often associated with a small “pop” sound caused by pressure changes within the joint. Mobilizations involve slower velocity, higher amplitude rhythmic motions with the same goal of improving joint function.  

Soft Tissue Therapy

1. Myofascial release therapy (MRT) 

2. Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy (IASTT)

The soft tissues of our musculoskeletal system include: muscles, tendons, fascia,  ligaments, articular capsules, and cell membranes. Soft tissues support, connect and surround other structures. Both MRT and IASTT techniques target these tissues to induce change via mechanotransduction in the tension, tone, fluidity and adhesions within those tissues. 



Neurofunctional acupuncture is a peripheral nerve stimulation technique with fine,  solid needles, with or without electricity. It is used to induce physiological changes on the activity of the nervous system and its effectors for therapeutic purposes. Acupuncture is used to encourage natural healing, muscle relaxation, pain reduction, and improve function of affected areas of the body.

Local Vibration Therapy for Peripheral Nerve Irritations

Nerves travel to all of our tissues by passing through fascial and muscle layers. They are wrapped in epineurium, which contains the blood vessels supplying the nerve. Compression and tension injuries, or repeated aggravating motions, can disrupt their homeostasis and lead to an inflammatory environment within the nerve itself. Instrument-assisted vibration therapy has demonstrated effectiveness for relieving symptoms.


Education and Advice

Dr. Rad encourages patient participation during the consultation phase and beyond, and believes that patients need to be engaged in their treatment.  She will respond to any patient questions, explain bodily processes and conduct additional research to explore tips for better movement patterns and posture, in order to reduce discomfort and pain.  Dr. Rad will work with her patients to make individualized lifestyle modifications that work towards patient goals, pain relief and lifestyle enhancement.                                               

Pre- and Rehabilitation

1. Pre-habilitation:  prior to or early on, to prevent pain or dysfunction and optimize daily living

2. Rehabilitation: after injury, pain or dysfunction and focuses on restoring function and preventing recurrence

Pre-habilitation and rehabilitation, both are equally as important.

Understanding  the why behind an individual's symptoms is pivotal towards achieving wellness. Identifying the cause and removing the aggravating factors (e.g. poor posture or stabilization, repetitive aggravating movements) is what drives Dr. Rad's exercise prescription. She believes that simple, targeted exercises can have broader, long-lasting effects on how different parts of our bodies can work together.

Rehabilitation may address: flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance, posture, balance and proprioception, function and integration of movement. 


Concussion Assessment and Management

A concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) may have long lasting effects. If you have suffered a concussion, having it managed by a health care professional as soon as possible is important. Dr. Rad is able to help individuals work on some of the common symptoms associated with concussion with a thorough examination and comprehensive treatment plan.

A progressive return-to-play / return-to-school protocol helps to ensure a safe return to your activities.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a very unique time in a woman's body with many musculoskeletal changes happening. Pregnancy adds loads and stresses onto our muscles and joints, literally! Dr. Rad enjoys working with pregnant mothers who are experiencing low back and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. Taping is available.

Treatment is not only individualized to each mama's needs, but also their comfort level!


Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics help correct a number of common foot and lower limb problems to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Each person is unique, therefore there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to a plan of management. 

Common conditions include: heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendinosis, bunions, metatarsalgia, etc.

World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) reading list

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